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    WP1: Influence of saline reclaimed water and regulated deficit irrigation on young grapefruits. 2011.

Pedrero, F.; Alarcón, J.J.; Nicolás, E.; Mounzer, O. 3RD INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS SMALLWAT11, Seville, (Spain)

A four year experiment was conducted at a commercial grapefruit orchard located in Campotejar (Murcia, Spain). The main objective was to evaluate the effects of two different irrigation water sources, pumped respectively from the Tajo-Segura water transfer (TW) and from the “Molina de Segura” wastewater treatment plant (RW), on plant physiology, leaf mineral status, soil chemical properties, water content, total yield and fruit quality. Na, B and Cl concentrations exceeded the recommended level in reclaimed water (RW), for this reason soil salts accumulation and infiltration problems were observed during last season in reclaimed water treatments. Leaf B concentration was over the phytotoxic limit in reclaimed water plants, although no toxicity symptoms were observed. The canopy volume, the number of fruits per trees and the total yield were reduced by the effect of reclaimed water, however a tendency of higher fruit weight and size were observed in plants irrigated with this type of water. Salinity and boron accumulation were the main problems associated with reclaimed water use in this experiment, and although leaf toxicity levels were not observed, these problems can suppose a risk for grapefruit production with this type of water at medium and long term.

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